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GPFFCF 1st Annual NHL Hockey Pool

Enter your NHL team through OfficePools.com for a chance to win some cash or other great prizes from local businesses!

This year's proceeds are going directly to 2021 Sparky's Secret Wish and next year's School Lunch Program

Big Thanks to Edwards Factory Outlet, Canadian Tire and Blackmans Butcher Shop for their continued support to the GPFFCF!

1st Place - 25% of pot, $100 Canadian Tire Gift Card, $50 Blackmans Gift Card, $25 Edwards Gift Card

2nd Place - 17% of pot, $100 Canadian Tire Gift Card, $25 Edwards Gift Card

3rd Place - 8% of pot, $100 Canadian Tire Gift Card, $25 Edwards Gift Card

4th Place - $100 Canadian Tire Gift Card, $25 Edwards Gift Card

Last Place - $100 Canadian Tire Gift Card

1. Go to www.officepools.com

2. Click on "Access Your Pools"

3. Click on "Join a Fundraising Pool"

4. Look for "GPFFCF"

5. Click on "Join Pool"

Entry fee is $20 per team. There is no limit on teams. The more teams that enter the higher the prize money goes! The pool is part of a national contest that can add an extra $2250 to the winners prizes!

Charity News

8th Annual Golf Tournament

Tentative dates for the 8th annual GPFFCF Golf Tournament are June 12th, 2021 with a backup date of September 25th, 2021. We are looking at as many Covid friendly options as possible to keep our golfers safe while we try to hold our largest fundraiser of the year for the Sparky's Secret Wish campaign.

Aquatera Bottle Program

All bottles donated in the month of September this year at the local depots will be benefit the GPFFCF thanks to the Aquatera Bottle Program. Anyone who would like to continue donating their recyclable bottles to the charity outside the month of September can now also use the new drop off points at the two main bottle depot locations writing #2258 on the bags and leaving them at the drop points. 

Snack Program

The GPPSD has received a donation of $15,000 from our Charity to assist their 18 schools and 8000 students. The donation will be directed to the Public School Board's snack program's fund which distributes the snacks and lunches to the schools needing the most help.

A donation of $5,000 was also presented the same day to the GPCSD snack program fund. This donation will help over 2500 kids from 8 local catholic schools. All meals are organized at St. Clements and appropriately distributed throughout the district where needed.

AB Food & Beverage Expo

As you already know the 2020 expo was cancelled due to the ongoing issue with Covid-19. If you didn't get the chance to receive your refund, hold on to your ticket as we ben looking into 2021 dates and we will honor the tickets!



The Grande Prairie Firefighter's Charitable Foundation loves helping out in the community. School lunch Programs, Sparky's Secret Wish, Leadership Awards, Individual donations & MD rooftop, just to name a few.  Donate today and you could help your neighbours by supporting one of our causes. 

Upcoming Events

Sparky's Secret Wish

December 2020

The Charity had elected to assist 50 families again this year prior to Christmas Day 2020. Each family was presented with a $300 Presidents Choice GC and a Christmas ham. All SSW packages were safely distributed while following Covid-19 safety recommendations. Thank you to everyone to donated or sponsored this program! 

1st Annual Curling Bonspiel

Winter 2021/2022

Optimistically we will be focusing on bringing this event to fruition next winter as we wait out the continue to monitor Covid-19 guidlines.

AB Food & Beverage Expo


If you didn't get the chance to receive a refund for the 2020 expo, hold on to your ticket and we will honor it for the 2021 expo.  

We hope to see you in 2021!

Charity Hockey Game


This is a two-day skills competition put on by Mark's Hauling and Pembina, hosted at the Revolution Place. 




Costco GP donated 30 Ham's towards our Sparky's Secret Wish Campaign this season
$500 donation to Swanavon School's at home learning program
Lt. Driver showing off our truck
Stuffy donation to the QE2 hospital
SSW recipient with some gifts
Diaper Drive
Radio Promo
Great Sponsors
Coats for Kids
Tiny Hands of Hope
Thank-You card from community
Car wash
Dispatchers meeting Meghan Mikkelson
HIV North presentation
Donation to the Rotary House
Bikes for kids in need
Sparky's Secret Wish


The GPFFCF is a charity run by city firefighters who are passionate about making Grande Prairie a better place to live. 100% of the money we raise goes to families and individuals in need in the Grande Prairie area!


8111 Resources Road

Grande Prairie Alberta




Tel: (780) 538-0393

Please contact us via email and we will respond promptley!